When Caro (my partner in crime ) suggests a weekend away to scream and drown our stress away in the Indian ocean i was like where would i be without you YEEEEEEES and that wasn’t all she suggest the train this time round ; that sealed the deal for me i was already packing mentally by now you know i love trains ; SGR (not sure why they didn’t come up with a better name but hey too early to whine….back to it) this was one train experience i wasn’t going to miss and Caro went on to convince me that we should try it out before its vandalized, old and all that not knowing i was already sold on the idea 🙂 🙂 …..sometimes its good to see her put in the work

booking a tickets was an experience but thanks to my aunt we avoided the hustle ( judge me later) …ticket in hand ,bags packed figured given i stay in Kiambu county there was no way i was waking up at 4am ,my african timimg tenderncies were being tested cause the Chinese kept time not the kawaida kenyan timimg the mzungu kind of timing and Caro had me carry the tickets to ensure the pressure to keep timewas real.

with family staying near Syokimau it made sense to go for a sleep over and save up on my sleeping time too 🙂 🙂  ,so much for that catching up and movies had me sleeping late and over sleeping which meant no breakfast and one of those brief showers ; uber at the gate rushed and asked the guy to drive like he was auditioning for burburu matatu driver position and boy did he pass with flying colors; panya routes and all i made it but the ques made me feel like i was late which i kinda was 8:30am and with like one hundred people in front of me ,felt like i was in an election Que …..first security check was just the worst the lady was to handsy  😮 :0 touching me like we were just about to move from first base to making out whatever happened to the metal detectors hmmmmmm anyhu, next security check the lady decided unpacking was the only way to ensure i had nothing illegal SMH spoilt my toilet bag zipper and had my panties flying out of the bag in an arena full of over a 500 people but hey they were pretty 🙂 🙂 looking at my watch i had 15 minutes to get through the last security check…..as you can guess Caro was waiting all anxious and worried that i wouldn’t make in time…..phew with 5 minutes to spare i checked in and jumped out of our coach for a photo or two

CHOOOO CHOOOO ( i wish they maintained that) 9AM sharp off we were smooth ride with announcements at every stop which personally i found nerving but maybe it was the hunger me being petty and a high chance being told “food will reach your coach shortly” which it did but when we were already in Mombasa :note to self carry something to eat cause my hood/ghetto/hustler mentality did not understand why some small mandazi was kes 100 (kwani ilipikwa na yesu) anyhow my rants aside; my stroll to check what first class was all about was disappointing as besides getting the first shot at boarding and food there was nothing much just a lonely silent cabin no WiFi same music same seats… back to economy where you could join in in other peoples stories, laugh make friends and share contacts and steal glances at the fly guy with luscious lips across the aisle hehehehehe (this will get me in trouble)

on reaching Mtito Andei we stopped to let the train leaving Mombasa pass and that’s when it hits you just how fast the train is moving i had to look at the signage again to confirm we were moving that fast 115km per hour in like less than a minute the train from Mombasa had passed and we were back at it five hours later we were in Mombasa.

A mammoth of people getting off felt like we were in some crusade , Caro figured we should book our tickets now only to be told the tickets are sold out called my aunt for another favor but even her powers didn’t do us any good this time…on our way out some cop offered to sell us tickets at 1500 each that was twice the actual price of a ticket since we were desperate we had no choice kes 3000 down we got a cab i was angry, hungry and sweating looking froward to changing and sitting in some pool only to get to the hotel a pal advised OOOOH BOY it was more of a lodging….oooh did i mention this was not a planned out trip all we did was buy tickets and decided to spend the weekend in Mombasa? oh well there you go 3pm in some lodging looking for hotels that have rooms lucky enough we found one…the sneers and swahili insults escorted us out but we were too tired to care all we wanted now was food and some rest we checked in at 5pm so much time wasted but that’s the price you pay for not thinking ahead…besides the awful experience we made a pact to pack in as much fun and only sleep when our eyes gave in…showered and of to town to eat pilau and later on dance our tired asses at hypnotica and finished the night at tapas  luckily our hotel wasn’t that far. the next day we opted to go to the beach then lunch then fort jesus given caro had never been i felt honored to be a tour guide hahahahah

whenever we travel we have three rules :

1: Eat only local food

mahamri & mbaazi OMG this was heavenly
once upon a time there was biriani in this plate hehehehe

2:the beach (swim,get henna,great music and an evening stroll)

essentials among other things
henna tattoo any one
when you thinking of quitting everything and become a mermaid hmmmmmm

3:Have as much fun and take enough photos to freeze the memories shared (and that we did 987 photos)


….opting not to use uber our crazy heads got lost enough times trying to trace our way back to the hotel (nyali is big) but we got to find a few more hotels that we will sample on our next visit…. we packed our bags ready for the trip back but opted to party one last time and oooh it was a party SULTAN (Ali Hasan Joho) himself was present now that was a way to end a trip oooh sultan………. ( that feeling when your crush says hello  oooooh mama mia……) 5am we went back to the hotel for a quick shower,breakfast and to ruffle up the beds that were so neatly done (who doesn’t enjoy that 🙂 )

sometimes i think i am weird for enjoying this hehehehe but i am never stopping

on getting to the Mombasa terminal we were on time with 45 minutes to kill and just one security check the ride back was pretty much the same unfortunately Caro and i were far apart so we kept in touch via whatsApp .This time the food and drinks got to us on time but we were too prepared with bites and drinks;  four and a half hours later we were in Nairobi ,sun burns, hangover-ed with bags in Syokimau the ride home never felt so long luckily there was a train to town the experience wasn’t as smooth but it was a welcoming experience and it beat being stuck in traffic all the way.



from all that comfort to this 🙁

in a nutshell that was a weekend of randomness,pure bliss, food ,fun, laughs hugs, tears and memories with my partner in crime looking forward to more escapes till the next time. till then kisses

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