It had been more than four weeks of being indoors. I had studied the walls in my house. I counted all the brush strokes, could tell the borders of one workman from the other, I was short of telling whether the painters were left or right-handed. The walls were caving in and I felt claustrophobic. Trips to the rooftop and balcony had become monotonous. I needed a real break!


With no specific destination and the lockdowns in place, the tea farms would be an ideal escapade. There are no requirements for a site visit to the tea farms, so I purposed to take a drive to Limuru.



The clear blue skies and empty roads made for an awesome, peaceful, and fun drive. This was just what I needed. I took the road through Banana town (I wonder where the name came from) which is more scenic.

I parked by the roadside to take in the views. The plush green leaves formed a welcoming canopy. I walked down the tea isles breathing in the clean cool air. There was a slight chilly breeze, but the sun was out providing some warmth. My skin came alive and I let my hair down for my scalp to soak in the goodness.

Six hours of driving around the tea farms with several random stops were enough to break the monotony of tour de house’. Also, my rumbling stomach sounded the alarm that it was time to head back home, and there was a curfew to beat.

Back in the white walls of my little high-rise cabin, I was grateful to have found a spot to go to whenever I needed a break.



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