What is love? We all have different definitions,but the feeling you give me is not one that can be defined you just know… are my favourite place to go to when my mind needs peace,when my insides crave for the tantalizing taste and juices of various hmmmmmm gosh focus Gracie focus

Those that know me know I love good food; it’s never boring and always an adventure to find decent food, from playing around with leftovers, kibandoski battalion to the uptown food joints and trying out recipes here and I said it’s always a welcomed adventure. This holiday had me on a no calories count and latest addiction the Texas burger from urban oooooh baby do they serve a mean burger.

…anyhow boxing day came and I got the perfect gift….my one true love FOOD. George Bernard Shaw says there is no sincere love than the love of food

And the cherry on top of that bag of calories was tiramisu cake ooooooh that gets me all the time.

Am just a girl madly in LOVE with food...happy holidays see you at the gym come January in the meantime count the memories not the calories


Hey, so figured I should share my travel experiences, am no expert in the field, but I love adventure, sand in my toes, the wind in my hair, or is it Priyas or Mrs Patel (depends on the hairstyle on my head), the chance to experience different cultures, lifestyle, food and an opportunity to make new friends.

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