A time capsule within a capsule.

You do not always need to break the bank in search of adventure. We have hidden gems right here in the city that is inexpensive.

The Railway Museum is right at the heart of the city offers a refreshing break from the bustle of people and matatus in this part of town.

I was welcomed by colorful art into the main gallery that hosts artifacts used during the earlier operations of the great railway line. Old typewriters, phones, and other gadgets that I really cannot relate with. There’s also Her Majesty the Queen’s chair and cutlery that she used during her travels that seemed like out of one of those royalty movies.

Walking in these old cabins brought back childhood memories of when my friends and I would run after the evening train screaming ‘chu chu train ’and singing ‘gari ya moshi inaenda wapi na mizigo yake, chinja kuku wacha bata’. I cannot translate but it really did sound like the sound of the engine and wheels as they went by. I only took a train once from Nairobi, coming to Mombasa for my aunt’s wedding. Fare must have been about 10 shillings and we boarded at 5 pm and arrived at 8 am the following morning.

You should visit the railway museum and support the artists that showcase their work. The place also offers a great place for a photo shoot, and several music videos have been done here including the famous ‘Short and Sweet’. Just like this story.

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