Dear Doctor,

If I can walk on my two feet, I can drift…eeerm go on a hike. I promise to wear comfortable shoes and carry my pain medication. 

Sincerely Nyakitee.

That was my acknowledgment letter after being given the go-ahead to ditch the crutches. I didn’t actually write it, but I should have! I was elated to have been given the green light to walk and do all that appertains….I was rearing to go!


While searching for places to go hiking, I stumbled upon @lets_drift; a group of drifters (yeah, we don’t call them hikers any more) with a love for the adrenaline. Strangers that would soon become family.

The immediate plot was Njabini, a scenic town a couple of hours out of Nairobi, to the east of the breathtaking Aberdare ranges. I couldn’t wait, so I signed up and two days later we were off.

I can see your eyes wide in shock. I have two words for you, pain meds.

The drive to Njabini was a bit awkward. I was the newbie in the group. I sat quietly and spoke only when spoken to. I take time to warm up to people. I felt a bit out of place. I had not checked the weather neither had I asked the important questions. My excitement to go out had gotten the better of me.

I live for such views
A short break was well deserving but the view was magnificent


After four hours of the dreamy lake, dusty paths, and rocky terrain, we finally settled down at a small waterfall. A breath of fresh air and toes dipped in the water was a welcome relief. We had a small picnic by the waterfalls, getting to know the drifters and munching on our packed lunch before embarking on our way back. I quickly realized am not really introverted. I love being alone, indoors by myself, but I seemingly enjoyed being out here making friends. There’s an English word for it…I forget.

The scenery from Njabini is without a doubt Instagram worthy. The sun was just right, the green backdrop was perfect, and the rocky ground provided magazine like background for amazing photos. You will soon learn that I love to be in front of a camera. Ambivert- The English word for introverts who are also extroverts.


You should plan to visit Njabini, and when you do here is a quick checklist of what and how:

  • County – Nyandarua
  • Distance from Nairobi – Approx 150kms
  • Public transport available for about KES 600 to and from Nairobi.
  • The weather is cool therefore layer-up- You may need to strip off during the hike.
  • Good hiking shoes with a good grip.
  • Carry light snacks for a picnic and plenty of water to hydrate
  • Attractions
    • Sasumwa Dam constructed in the early 60s as a catchment area to collect water from the Aberdares.
    • Waterfalls
    • Forest and other vegetation
  • Plan a trip with @lets_drift; they’re the best, the adventurous spirit, humor, warmth, friendship, and photography

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