This one for sure is one for the books

I stumbled upon this hidden gem one weekend in a google search. I say stumbled because I had spent the previous night preparing for bungee jump at Sagana. On reaching Sagana, I was turned away because I needed to be in a group of five or more- how rude that this information isn’t available online? There was no chance I could magically come up with four humans for this experience, and sure as I was there, there was zero chance that I was going to spend the weekend at home. Dejected, I got on my phone and google suggested Jambo Mutara Camp under ‘nearby activities’. From their online photos, it was clear that I didn’t need much convincing. I clicked on the directions and courageously followed google maps.



getting lost came with its twists and turns

There is a Swahili saying that goes ‘Kupotea njia ndio kujua njia’ (getting lost is knowing the way), and lost I got. First, I found myself in Embu then in someone’s farm in Nanyuki, then still got lost within the conservancy…do not blame google, I need to learn how to read maps. My friend keeps telling me that at a bare minimum I should take note of what is around me as I drive by. Funny story, I once (severally) called her to give me directions to my house from one of the suburbs. I just sent her my pin and she told me where I was, how many right turns to take to get back to the main road. I am that poor at reading maps, ha ha ha ha. I’m sure if she came on this trip, she’d have conjured up 4 people for bungee jumping, then navigate us safely at night to Mutara- I’ll bring her along on the next trip.

Finally, I found myself at the camp. Oh Em Gee! This was heaven! The photos online did not come close. I was breath taken. I need a minute to reminisce.

I was received warmly and checked into my banda. The tented camps are five-star experience with a private deck and a view (room tour). The infinity pool was such a turn on, and I spent the most time there. Nearby was a watering hole and I was lucky to hang out with the graceful elephants that came to cool off after a long day.  Elephants are my favorite animals.

my all-time favorite

Dinner time approached rather quickly. Perhaps because I arrived mid-afternoon. The food was delicious and filling. I willed the night away on my deck sipping on wine and listening to the last of the animals’ calls. It was so refreshing to be away from the honking of the city. The night gets really cold, but the host provides hot water bottles and extra blankets.

an outdoor jacuzzi any day

The conservancy has a lot more to offer. You can organize for game drives around the Ol-pejeta conservancy at an extra fee. I did not have any activities planned for the next morning, but I did have one last dip in the pool. I must return for longer than a day and indulge.

lucky I wasn’t as hungry to take the shot

life is lived on the edge

This random trip was my first spontaneous adventure and I am glad that it paid off. From the warmth of the people, the delicious food, the cozy room, and the tranquility of nature, this was by far the best place I had ever been. Mutara is definitely a top destination for solo, group, or romantic getaway.

the view on my way back to the city was awesome



  • Nanyuki is at the foot of Mt. Kenya, a few hours’ drive from Nairobi.
  • Mutara is easily accessible via matatu. Just call ahead and request to be picked from Cedars Mall
  • For self-drive I highly recommend a 4WD, especially in the rainy season.
  • Game drives are available as the property is part of the Ol Pejeta conservancy (this attracts an extra fee)
  • Nanyuki is cold especially at night pack accordingly but hot water bottles and extra bedding is provided
  1. This is a great baby moon idea.

    I want to be in that pool so badly right now.

    It’s clearly a hidden gem that I should explore.

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