Luxury Tented Camp Weekend Getaway

Laikipia county Nanyuki.
Mutara luxury tented camps ideal for weekend getaways honeymooners bush birthday and time away from the busy city life



It had been more than four weeks of being indoors. I had studied the walls in my house. I counted all the brush strokes, could tell the borders of one workman from the other, I was short of telling whether the painters were left or right-handed.

Facing My Fears - Limuru Buxton Tunnel


I always thought I do not scare easily. I fast realized that is not true.

Fear of missing out or FOMO as many refer to it brought me on this adventure. I think FOMO is just a cooler way of saying peer pressure. In this era of social media and instant gratification, you may be influenced by a group of total strangers or friends you just met.


There is a Swahili saying that goes ‘Kupotea njia ndio kujua njia’ (getting lost is knowing the way), and lost I got. First, I found myself in Embu then in someone’s farm in Nanyuki, then still got lost within the conservancy…do not blame google, I need to learn how to read maps.


You do not always need to break the bank in search of adventure. We have hidden gems right here in the city that is inexpensive.

The Railway Museum is right at the heart of the city offers a refreshing break from the bustle of people and matatus in this part of town


The scenery from Njabini is without a doubt Instagram worthy. The sun was just right, the green backdrop was perfect, and the rocky ground provided magazine like background for amazing photos.

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