Adventure and food any day with the likelihood of making new friends and experiencing different cultures, lifestyles and did I say food?

“Work, Travel, Save, Repeat”


A little over a year ago I had an accident at the gym that resulted in a knee surgery.  I was bedbound for a month and had to go through weeks of physio. I had a long list of don’ts that were supposed to ‘aid in full recovery’. My hospital adventure and healing process is definitely a great story, but not for today.

There’s something about being told you shouldn’t or can’t do certain things that makes you just want to do them or just try, no? Well that’s how Nyakitee came to be. I defied the doctor’s advice, took out my journal and listed all the places I wanted to experience, then I packed my bags and got my hiking boots ready.

I am a dreamer, food, travel and adventure addict. Here I tell you about people, places, food and experiences from my awesome escapades.